Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Print 'n Play?

    Print 'n Play is a collection of new games offered for sale in Virginia starting April 3, 2016. Each ticket is printed fresh upon request. Print 'n Play tickets are designed to provide players instant results. Tickets are available in three themes (Bingo, Crossword, and Blackjack) in prices ranging from $2 to $10.

  • Where are the FastPlay games I used to play?

    Print 'n Play games replaced the FastPlay games category. Print 'n Play offers the most popular game themes at a wide range of price points and higher top prize amounts.

  • How do I purchase a Print 'n Play ticket?

    Purchasing Print 'n Play is easy, just ask your retailer or purchase off of the Lottery Vending Machine.

  • Can I buy Print 'n Play tickets on the Internet?

    No. Print 'n Play tickets can be purchased only at Virginia Lottery retailers, CSCs and Prize Zones.

  • When can I buy Print 'n Play tickets?

    Anytime during the system day – just like Scratchers!

  • How much do Print 'n Play Games cost?

    Tickets range in price from $2 to $10.

  • When are Print 'n Play drawings held?

    There are no drawings with these games. Print 'n Play games are instant play - unlike other computer generated games. There are NO future play options.

  • My ticket won. How do I cash it?

    Since there is no drawing, winning Print 'n Play tickets can be cashed immediately at any Lottery retailer, Customer Service Center (CSC) or Prize Zone. You do NOT have to cash the ticket at the same store where you bought it. You can claim prizes of $600 or more at a Virginia Lottery Customer Service Center or Prize Zone location. All prizes can be claimed by mail.

  • Can Print 'n Play tickets be canceled?


  • What are the odds of winning the top prize?

    The odds of winning the top prize in Print 'n Play Games vary based on the game you choose to play. For more information, see the official rules for that game.

  • When do Print 'n Play tickets expire?

    You have 180 days (about six months) from the draw date to claim your prize.